how to clean refrigerator coils

Learn How to Clean Refrigerator Coils in 5 Simple Steps

Does your refrigerator run constantly or not feel cold enough? If so, you may need to learn how to clean refrigerator coils. You can use an appliance brush and vacuum hose attachment to remove dust and debris from the condenser coils in just a few easy steps.

Why Should You Clean Refrigerator Coils?

Dust, hair, and other debris collect on your refrigerator condenser coils over time. All this build-up forces your condenser to work harder to maintain the optimal temperature. If your coils are dirty you may notice one or more of the following problems:

  • Refrigerator runs loud
  • Refrigerator runs constantly
  • Refrigerator not cold

So how often should you clean refrigerator coils? At Absolute Best Appliance, we recommend cleaning them every six months. If you have pets, you’ll probably need to do this more often to increase your refrigerator’s to clean refrigerator coils

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How to Clean Refrigerator Coils

Before you start cleaning your condenser coils, make sure your refrigerator is unplugged from the power source.

Step #1: Gather Your Supplies

In order to clean refrigerator coils properly, you’ll need just a few supplies:

how often should you clean refrigerator coils
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Step #2: Locate Refrigerator Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are typically located in one of two places:

  1. Underneath the front side of the unit, behind a kickplate or grille
    *Sub-Zero refrigerator coils are usually on the top front of the unit
  2. On the back exterior wall of the unit

If your refrigerator has coils on the back wall, you’ll need to carefully slide it away from the wall. Give yourself enough room to access the coils in their entirety.

If your coils are on the front of the refrigerator, remove the kickplate in order to access the coils.

Step #3: Vacuum Dust from Refrigerator Coils

Use a vacuum hose attachment to remove the bulk of the dust and hair from the coils and underneath the unit. Don’t be too forceful, but try to remove as much debris as possible. Make sure to get in all the nooks and crannies to really clean the coils well.

Step #4: Brush Condenser Coils Clean

Next, use your appliance cleaning brush to remove the remainder of the dust on refrigerator coils. Work the brush in and out of the coils and crevices. The more dust you remove, the more efficient your refrigerator will be.

Step #5: Vacuum and Replace Refrigerator

The last step for how to clean refrigerator coils is to vacuum one last time. The brush will have loosened more dust that you’ll want to remove.

Once everything is nice and clean, move your refrigerator back into position if necessary. Don’t forget to plug it back in!

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